Gabrielle is a singer-songwriter making her way into the music world. Her first single BLACK HEART hits stores Friday September 8, 2017 with more music to follow! Gabrielle has been working very hard with producers Brian West and Tim Hutton of Canyon Hutt Studios as well as Jesse Rhodes and Mark Einhorn Mark of Abstract Studios. 

With many years of vocal training, acting and musical theatre under her belt; she has decided to focus all of her energy on music now. 

With a powerful voice and a strong presence, Gabrielle is taking her career to the next level.


"Gabrielle sounds like a combination of Amy Winehouse and Adele" -Butch Vig

"Gabrielle's lyrics are so beautiful and touching" -Kyiki of Chrystal Fighters 

​"Gabrielle is one extremely talented young woman" -Randi Wilens of RW Media

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